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Abena Kokor and Giovani of T.V 3 Seem To Have A Score To Settle.

The Clash of the titans

Isn’t it astonishing and heartbreaking what our world is turning into today? That, a woman could boldly come out to talk about men they once had moments with. In those days, anything concerning intimacy ought to be discussed at closed doors. But, what do we see today?

The disheartening aspect of it all is that most of the women serve as role models to the upcoming generation. On this view, our focus shall be geared towards a former University of Cape Coast Student, Abena Kokor.

In spite of all the numerous controversies surrounding her, she has finally come out with a big portfolio of claims justifying her intimate relationship with the recent and popular host of the T.V 3 Date Rush program currently airing. Giovani Caleb is a celebrity and the host of showbiz 360 on T.V 3

In weighing the claim presented by Abena Kokor, no one could attest whether it’s true or false. The famous host man has not come out to boycott the claim. This has left the entertainment industry in despair as to accept the claim presented by Abena Kokor.

As the saying goes, “if nothing had touched the palm branches, it wouldn’t have rattle” attesting to the popular saying that there is always an iota of truth in every rumor. Its, therefore, funny the comments people are passing on the case. In other not to jump to early conclusions, we would have been forced to say Giovani had many enemies and rivals in the entertainment industry.

Whether the claim presented by Abena is true or not, no evidence has been presented in relation to the claim. To many psychologists, this issue might spark up doubts in the man’s married life.

Upon confrontation with the wife regarding the dealings of the issue, she stood to put on records, that, she has no problem with the husband’s past life. She added that, if all women are to go round sounding in the media about their past relations, there would be nothing but confusions and grudges.

Lessons: one has to be very careful about the kind of information we put out there.



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