Ghana’s Most Beautiful is recognized as one of the most popular beauty pageants across the length and breadth of Ghana which is being aired every year on TV3. TV3 has brought out sizzling and intriguing programs of which Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) has proved to be one of the best. The utmost aim of the program is to promote development through culture and unity. It also outdoors the beautiful culture and traditions of the Ghanaian people.

Before the program is being aired to the viewers, auditions are held in all the sixteen regions of Ghana. To cut a long story short, below are all the requirements needed for the Ghana’s Most Beautiful.

First, for one to take part in the renowned beauty pageant, one must know the traditions and culture of the region she hails from. For a woman who has made up her mind to participate in this incredible beauty pageants must have a fair knowledge about the culture and traditions of her region.

Continuing, a woman participating in this pageant must be outstanding and beautiful. True beauty they say comes from within therefore, to be a part of this pageant one must be beautiful inside out. To be able to coexist with 15 different women from 15 regions you must have a beautiful soul.

Narrowing it down, one must be bold and courageous. All and sundry can bare me out on the fact that it takes courage to win a battle. And Ghana’s Most Beautiful is just like a battle in which thousands of women across Ghana come to take part in. Therefore, it can only take courage and boldness to even pass through the auditions stage. One must also be bold in order to face any form of intimidation.

Furthermore, one must be between the ages of 20-30 years. If a woman wants to take part in Ghana’s Most Beautiful, she must be between the age range of 20 and 30 years. This is to give young women with the required age the opportunity to mount the podium and showcase the beauty of their country’s culture and traditions to the rest of the world.    Lastly, one must be educated. Ghana’s Most Beautiful is obviously not a pageant for the uneducated. Being educated also includes the ability to speak and write English language. One must be able to speak and express herself fluently



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