First, who is a mentor? A mentor is an experienced person who teaches, or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. Nobody can travel this route of life alone. Everybody needs someone to guide and lead them through this life. Anybody who tries alone, eventually fails. We all need someone.

Because it takes someone to teach you something you are oblivious of. What then are some importance of having this one person that would hold your hand and lead you through it all? Here are some of the importance of having a mentor in life.

   Mentors correct our mistakes. Of course, nobody is perfect, but we can’t ignore the fact that mentors are more experienced, therefore knows better and can correct us when we make mistakes. A mentor knows it when we go wrong. It’s therefore their responsibility to correct us and then teach us the right things to do. We then learn from our mistakes and do the right which eventually shapes us. So, in order to shape ourselves into a good human being as we all are striving to be, we need a mentor in our lives.

    Mentor offers us advice on how to take right decisions. As humans, we don’t always make the right decisions. We sometimes make decisions which turns out to have negative effects on us in the future. Therefore, we need mentors to direct us and also advise us on how to take decisions that are right for us. They help us make decisions that makes us grow to be proud of ourselves and not live a life of regret. Do you now see why there is a need for mentors in our lives?

    Mentors teach us what to do and at the required time. Some things we sometimes do, we do them at unrequited times. Yet we do them out of ignorance. Ignorance, many says is a disease. That is why it takes someone who knows better to teach us. Which are our mentors. Mentors play very significant roles in our lives. They teach us to do the right things at the right times. If we are left to be by ourselves, then, it would be unimaginable what some of us would grow to become. Therefore, to save ourselves the troubles of the future, we need mentors. Someone to guide us.

   Our mentors serve as our motivation and role models. Everyone has Someone to whom he/she looks up to. And we all have one. Some may say that their mentors are different as well as their role models. But have you ever considered how it could be like making your mentor your role model? Well, I bet that can be the best thing to do if you give it a try. Our mentors can be our greatest motivations and inspiration as well.

    Above, is an elaboration of the importance of having a mentor in life.



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